21 December 2012

My Detailed Daily Schedule

I posted my shortened list yesterday but thought I would confirm how crazy I really am and share my detailed list today.

I only use this for the week, weekends are a lot more relaxed in the morning around here.
And some days the only thing that works is the time I get up and the time I go to bed.
I'll probably be re-making my Weekly Chores so they all look pretty together, cause that's important right?

And I am told these are printing out the right size for a page protector if you right click and save.. not that I would expect anyone else's schedule to be exactly like mine.
I made this using MyMemoriesSuite with NO extra add ons, just the basic program. It's inexpensive and I have a coupon code if anyone wants to use it!
You can get the program here.
and the coupon code is STMMMS87586 


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