13 October 2010

~Scheduled Cleaning~

Schedules.. Fan or not?

I am, and always have been.. I would never get anything done without them! Especially for cleaning! I know in the past I have talked about WHAT I clean with but not my schedule or routine at all. So here it is, for now anyway! It does change occasionally, like with major changes around here.. new baby, if Hubby's work schedule changes and there are some consistent changes that are seasonal. Now I know the list looks long.. but the list is for an ideal day (which are few and far between). I guess I like to have a plan and somedays I DO get it all done, but most days I get it most done and some days I don't even get a chance to look at the list. I have had a few people ask what my schedule is like.. figured I could share and *maybe* it will help someone out :)

There are some things I do everyday, I don't put them on my list for specific days, they just get done everyday, things like laundry (I do 1 load a day Mon-Thurs). Tidying, I do that while the kids are eating snacks, during nap time and after they are in bed. I think the 15 minutes or so a day I spend tidying makes my lists more likely to get done! I like to break down the chores by room, and then I do 1 (or more) rooms per day, but none on the weekend and I leave Friday open, 3 day weekends, projects and anything major that got missed Mon-Thurs I can make up then.

On Monday I do the Kitchen.. it takes SO much abuse over the weekend and I only tidy on the weekends.

~start a load of laundry..helps warm the house up these chilly mornings!
~run dishwasher, this also helps warm up the house
~Dust..I start at the top so I don't clean the same place twice
~Empty Fridge and wipe down inside. I use vinegar and magic eraser
~Start Microwave, I put a bowl with water and a dropn of dish soap to heat up for a minute then let it cool for a couple minutes before cleaning the inside with a magic eraser and the warm water.

~Polish Cabinets
~Clean Windows and Glass
~Clean Counters
~Scrub Stovetop. My biggest struggle. I use baking soda and sponge and sometimes have to get the razor out!

~Start Sink Soaking with Hot water and some baking soda
~Clean Table and Chairs.. 3+ kids can sure make some sticky messes!
~Scrub Sink with magic eraser
~Clean Disposal, I just drop a couple ice cubes made from vinegar down the drain and turn it on.
~Polish Oven Front
~Polish Dishwasher Front
~Polish Fridge outside
~Shake Out Rugs
~Steam Mop
~Meal Plan.. (every other week)
~Make Grocery List (every other week)

Tuesday is a little easier day for me.. I clean our family room and 1/2 bath.

Family Room
~Pick Up
~Put Movies and Games Away
~Dust Fan and Allover.. I don't know if we have MORE dust, or if we just see it more since we have so much black furniture?!

~Wash Windows and Glass
~Clean off/out Couch... There is a never ending flow of barbie shoes and cheerios in there!
~Fluff Couch
~Spot Clean Couch.. baby wipes work perfect for this!
~Spray homemade Febreeze
~Clean Off Tables
~Polish Tables and Furniture
~Go Through Magazines
~Steam Floors

Every other week I vacuum the floor boards and if they need it, scrub em a little

~Clean Mirror and Glass
~Clean Toilet
~Clean Sink
~Change Towel
~Steam Mop
~Stock TP
~Febreeze Spray

Same floor board method in the bathroom too!

Wednesday is my least favorite day but also the shortest amount of time cleaning, 2 bathrooms..1 usually has a countertop full of toothpaste!

~Start Toilet Cleaning.. usually just vinegar
~Clean Mirror and Windows
~Clean Shower
~Clean Toilet
~Clean Counters and Sink
~Change Towels
~Stock TP/Qtips
~Shake Rugs Out
~Spot clean floor

Alternate Weeks

~Soak Tub/Scrub
~Polish Cabinets
~Vacuum Baseboards
~Clean Wastebasket
~steam floors

Thursday is the day I worry about the least..I try to do all 4 bedrooms but don't worry about the kids rooms too much, chances are it will be covered in toys in minutes anyway!
~Pick up toys
~Clean off nightstands/dresser
~Wipe down flat surfaces
~Change sheets/make beds
~Wash windows and framed pics (as needed)
~Homemade febreeze

Alternate Weeks

~Check clothes for goodwill
~Go through nightstand drawers

Like I said before, Friday is my easy day! But somethings I usually have to do every other week are

~Pay Bills
~Get Gas/ Run Errands
~Clean Out Car
~Clean Out Purse..serioulsy, HOW does that much stuff end up in there?!
~Sweep Front Porch
~Tidy Laundry Room
~Vacuum Stairs
~Clean Living Room (it doesn't get much use)
~Wash cars


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