05 March 2012

Spring Cleaning Prep

I said a couple weeks ago I was going around each room and making a list of things that needed to be done in there besides the usual cleaning. Things like touching up the paint, or working on a spot in the carpet, replacing light switch covers, just the little things that don't come up too often but still need to be handled.

So now that I have the lists done for each room I am starting the purging portion of Spring Cleaning. I actually started a few days ago, I was itchin' to get it done!

First I go through every ones clothes! I don't know how it happens (well ok I do, I LOVE clothes) but we always end up with more than we need, and there are usually a few that have seen better days. I get those out of the way, make room for Spring/Summer clothes in the dressers and closets. 
In the bathrooms I make sure nothing is expired, and if I haven't used it in 6 months I probably don't need it, lots of tossing and making a list of things we are out of. I just go through every room and do this.
So I will spend a few days this week purging and making my lists. Then I will start on the real cleaning, hopefully by the end of the week!
I always start with the kitchen!

Here are my kitchen lists from years past

I still need to make my plan for this year, hopefully by Wednesday!
Have a good Monday!


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