17 March 2009

Getting ready for Spring!

Kitchen Spring Cleaning
I used to hate Spring cleaning, now I kind of like it.. just kind of though. It's nice to have a fresh start just before it's time to open the windows!
This is my personal kitchen spring cleaning checklist.. I know I go a little overboard sometimes and I don't have any small appliances other than a mixer ( can't stand stuff on the counters ) so if you have 'em, don't forget to clean 'em.
When I clean I always start with the things that need a long time to do their job, other than that I always start at the top, all that dust just goes to the ground to be swept up later!

~Dust or Vacuum top of cabinets
~Dust the corners I can't reach every week for cobwebs, and the lights. I love Swiffer dusters for all my dusting.
~Once I am done with the ladder I start the oven, either it's self cleaning cycle or just spray if there are a couple bad spots.
~Then I take everything out of the cabinets, one section at a time, I do all the dishes at one time, or all the special stuff that gets used once in a while ( like seasonal stuff ) If I haven't used it in 2 years I SHOULD get rid of it.. But I probably won't!
~Wipe the cabinets out, I use a white vinegar/warm water mix in a spray bottle. It's cheap and the smell goes away quickly. I don't use shelf liner, I am short and it's easier for me to get the high stuff out without shelf liner.
~After all my cabinets are cleaned up I clean the outside ( which I do a couple times a month anyway, but can't get to the super high cabinets that easily) I use Method brand wood polish/cleaner for this, decent priced and seems to work great!
~I do the microwave every week, but the underneath part and filter usually need a little attention, I just clean em up if they need it.
~I try to get the fridge pulled out and the sides cleaned and the coils dusted. The fridge runs more efficiently that way and will last longer. As far as the inside goes I wipe it down every week but I do check all the condiments and stuff now and empty the freezer of anything that has been there since the fall.. obviously if its been in there 6 months we aren't gonna eat it!
~Then the oven.. who knows what all has been dripped down the sides, but they need a good scrubbin! I use the Target brand Magic Erasers, much cheaper and works just as well.
~If I have been really good, under the sink is fine, but chances are it has stuff that doesn't belong. I try to organize it, make sure we are stocked up on garbage bags, dish soap, and dishwasher detergent. Maybe not this time, going to attempt to make my own once we run out!
~I run the dishwasher with a few bowls of white vinegar in the top rack, and I put some baking soda in the soap holders, run it one cycle and should be good!
~I also wash the curtains and replace the felt pads on the table and chairs.
~I keep the pantry pretty clean but I do take everything out and wipe it clean and toss stuff that we won't use.
~When I am all done I vacuum and steam the floors. I LOVE the shark steamer, it really does a great job!
So I think that's it! Usually I try to do it in 1 day so the kitchen doesn't look like a small tornado visited. I also added this list to my home journal so I remember it all next time!
I plan on doing the kitchen this weekend, then getting Easter stuff set out! I am SO ready for some sunshine, hope everyone is having fun with their Spring Cleaning!
I will try to post my next Spring Cleaning project in a couple days! I am making a HUGE list for Ryan, I am sure he will be so pleased!


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