27 February 2010

Spring Cleaning The Kitchen!!

Well I am back sooner than expected and ready to get on with the spring cleaning!!  A recent trip to Ikea has also made me want to organize like crazy, they have such neat stuff now!

The kitchen takes the most time here... It's a big list but worth it to take care of those spendy appliances and the area where most of us spend a big portion of our day!

I list them from top to bottom even if I can't get to them in that order.

~Vacuum/dust above the cabinets (our cabinets don't go to the ceiling) and the corners.
~For the oven I am going to try the portable shark steam mop FIRST this time, if it doesn't work I will Spray oven cleaner (I am afraid to use the self cleaning part.. with the kids here I think it will get too smoky!) and let that sit a while and work on other stuff, come back to it when it's done it's job
~Take everything out of the cabinets (I wouldn’t do ALL of them at the same time). I do a couple at a time if stuff is chipped, broken or hasn't been used since last Spring I probably don't need it! Don't forget to empty out the silverware tray.. I just run ours through the dishwasher. Once the stuff is out I use the vinegar/water mix and a clean rag and wipe all the inside cabinet surfaces.
~Polish the outside.. I used to use Method brand but have switched to olive oil and a little lemon juice.
~I take the filter or screen things off the microwave bottom and toss em in the dishwasher.
~I run the dishwasher with a few bowls of vinegar in the top rack and baking soda in the soap dispenser.
~Clean out under the sink.. extra sponges and who knows what else has collected and needs to be dealt with!
~I replace the felt pads on the chairs and tables, after 6 months they look pretty bad!
~If it's been a while since I've done a pantry check.. I do that and make sure that there isn't anything expired.
~If cleaning the inside of your fridge isn't something you do often, now is a good time. How many pen bottles of ketchup are there? I toss anything that is expired or will expire soon that I don’t think will get used. Then using the vinegar and water mix wipe down each shelf, I take the door shelves out, and the fruit and veggie drawers out and run those in the dishwasher also.
~My least favorite things to do are moving the stove and fridge out, cleaning the sides, vacuum the fridge coils, clean the top of the fridge. I put those off the longest, because I can't do it by myself, but it is important, they will last longer if they are taken care of, and the fridge especially needs the coils cleaned or it can really waste energy and money!
~If you have countertops that needed treated don't forget to do that!
~when it's all done I Vacuum again and then use the steam cleaner on the floors!

After that the kitchen should be about ready for a new mess.. I got some super cute cookie cutters at Ikea and cannot wait to make some spring sugar cookies with the kids!

I should have another post soon for the Family Room!!


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