05 February 2012

Wonderland Party!!!

Our little Smooshy turned 5 the other day, not sure how it has been 5 years, but we did a Wonderland Lunch for her party over the weekend. Girly loves Alice in Wonderland, but we didn't want her party to be too Alice inspired, and absolutely not too Disney inspired.

We only had a few basic decorations

We had a couple things for the girls to do.

Mome Wrath Races! We gave each girl a glitter pompom and a straw and they
 blew their little Mome Wraths across the room. Pretty cute girls!

We also decorated some little pots, I didn't get any pictures of that though. I just painted the little terra cotta pots pink, green and aqua. We had a few different types of stickers and gems for them to add to their pots.

And we played pin the tail on Mr. Rabbit

Got a few table shots as people were arriving, I was running just a hour or two  little behind!
I tried to get as many of the characters represented without it being too obvious or printed characters. 

Mr. Rabbit tails. I wanted to use hostess snowballs but Carsyn doesn't like coconut
 ( don't know what's wrong with her!)
The Bread and Butterflies are so cute in the movie, this was as close as we could get!

The Mad Hatter, helping hold some of the singing flowers and little flamingo in there, pretty hidden

The Cheshire Cat 

The Playing Cards

The Mushroom, and shrinking/growing cookies 

some chocolate keys

Her cake. I didn't make it, and I didn't love it. I asked for toadstools and we got these lol. Oh well, lesson learned! Tasted fantastic!

Happy Birthday to our little Carsyn!

Once I have napped for a couple days (did I mention we had 2 birthday parties over the weekend?!) I will get to all the other fluff I wanted to do, and all the stuff I didn't take pictures of!
And a Baseball themed lunch party for our big 7 year old to share!  For now though I have got to get ready for the week and clean house!


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