11 February 2012

Baseball Party!

Day 2 of Birthday Weekend was for our big 7 year old!
He hasn't figured out that he can request Birthday themes so I still get full control (woooohooooo!!!)  
We were doing a much smaller party, only about 8 guests and it was SO nice outside! Feb in Oregon is usually horrible! The boys all played great, no one got hurt and they didn't leave too many leftovers! It was perfect, couldn't have asked for anything better, well other than my battery on the camera to last a little longer!



Baseball Hat Cups for their small goodies, gumballs, sixlets, seeds and peanuts!

Popcorn Marshmallow Pops

Fruits and Veggies


No pictures of the Pinata, I filled it with peanuts, tattoos, packs of Wrigley's gum, little baseball bouncy balls, and baseball cards! Didn't get pictures of the pennants the boys decorated. But I did snag some of the favors

chapstick in gum flavors!

And of my big 7 year old!


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