01 August 2011

Back to School Decorations

I've got most of them out! And if you have to get your school supplies, do it soon while the deals are good! Boxes of crayons for .20! One of my favorites to decorate with, and SO inexpensive.
I found the pencil thermos with the tags still on it at a yard sale a few weeks ago for .50! I thought it was perfect!

Used my favorite little mini cake plate and the ruler art ( that didn't work like I wanted lol) I need to add some monogram to that!

Same ol' wreath, with apples, a huge eraser some black birds and mini wagons!

I like having a light fixture I can add fluff to.

 Pencils are also pretty inexpensive right now, I just filled a little vase and added an apple.
I still don't have too much stuff, I am loving the vintage book pages, and the phone was in my Grandma's garage, it shows lots of wear and a big crack, but I like it that much more knowing it's not perfect and has some history.

Dollar store letters in a jar and a huge apple with some flash cards.

 Flash Card garland I shared HERE.
More book pages.

That is all I have out so far, but I feel like I am missing something.. well something besides the big ruler, I need to add some inch marks and beat it up a little, it was too fresh last year.


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