13 August 2010

BIG Ruler Growth Chart!

I've been looking for something to use the first day of school every year, for all 3 kids. It needed to last a while, and be able to have a spot for all 3 kids marks and not be too girly or too boyish. Didn't ever find anything that would work so I decided to make one. It matches the BTS stuff I have out now and it isn't in the way but I can get it out easily for the 1st day of school!

Hubby picked up a piece of lumber and some spray paint. I wanted it to look like a ruler so he got a kind of squashy yellow color, gave it a couple of coats of paint and then I used the cricut and cut out some numbers. I marked with a small mark every 6 inches. I didn't want to fill it with ALL the inch marks, wanted to make sure there was room for the kids marks! Once the marking was done I used some mod podge and stuck the numbers on, then some mod podge over them. Let it dry and that was it! I wasn't going for perfection, I expect it will be pretty distressed in no time!  The whole project was less than $10, but if you already had the paint or lumber it could easily be much less!


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