06 September 2016

Weekly Cleaning Routine

 Do you tell yourself, something has to give, cleaning is not all there is in life? Feel like you clean all day for nothing? To turn around and it's all a mess again? Do you use the words overwhelmed, stressed, out of control, unorganized to describe your cleaning style?
Did hearing "cleaning routine" instantly make you think I was coocoo?
Yeah, I hear that all the time. But let me tell you, I never really stress about cleaning! Having a routine has pretty much eliminated any stress or anxiety about cleaning or housekeeping in general. There are some good reasons for creating a routine that works for you!

Less Stress
Less Work *
Less Guilt

*Give it 2-3 weeks dedication. You will see that you spend less time each week, giving you more free time and less stress!

Friday~Everything Else
Anything I missed during the week
Get Groceries
Gas in car
Clean Out Purse
Tidy Front Porch and Garage
Tidy Laundry Room

None of these days take too long. Thursday is maybe the most work,
 but the kids can do lots of theirs! 
Keep up the routine and each week gets easier and you get more free time to enjoy your clean home :)

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