03 May 2016

Take Back Your Weekend .1

I can't believe it's MAY! I haven't been good about getting groceries during the week, like at all, not more than a handful of times this entire year! But I need to, because when it's done it means that we don't have to go out with everyone else!
 I still have plenty to work on to get our weekends back but it will be a step in the right direction!

 Going to the grocery store on the weekend is one of my LEAST favorite things to do!
Always looking for ways to avoid it and make it unnecessary. Maybe some of these are things you can implement to your week, or maybe you already do!

 Man do I struggle in waves with this. Some months I just nail it. Every meal, prepped and ingredients all accounted for. Other months I ask myself if we can just have an easy meal 1 more day this week and pray I have all the ingredients to make even that happen!

Here are a few of the ways I have done our meal planning in the past.

Currently doing in between and aiming for 2 weeks at a time planned, but honestly during baseball season everything is crazy! I do feel like it gets a little better each week, and by the time I really have it down, baseball is over and it's summer break instead.

~Grocery Getting
 I don't even enjoy the actual job of getting groceries. But it has to be done. The less time it takes, the more time I have to do my other Have To's.  Here is how I prep and make it as smooth as it can be.

 Oh yes!! This I can get on board with! No more Saturday trips to Target for Toilet Paper, Toothpaste, Sandwich bags (it's ALWAYS sandwich bags here)
And did you know that you can sign up for auto delivery of your must haves? And when you do that, you get a discount on the items! Subscribe and save is my lifesaver for vitamins and diapers!

 When I absolutely HAVE to go to the store I try to go on a Tues-Thurs morning and with only the baby, can I call him the baby still? 19 months old already :(
When I make my list I write the list down by isle after checking our current stock and my 2 week plan.  Getting coffee on the way sure helps too!

That takes 1 big thing off the weekend docket!

And now that it's been 5 months since I was working on making weekends a priority for family time. I have more to do to get that schedule clear!

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