24 May 2016

Summer Bucket List

There are a million bucket lists, to do lists etc all over Pinterest.  I do ours a little different.
Kids will be coming home to a big bucket with our list! We have a budget, and buying all this stuff all at once would not work for us. I started a few weeks ago collecting stuff that won't go bad.  Hopefully that is a bit more exciting than just a list. I can't wait to share it with y'all.

Here is our list, some of these will be multiple times and others not so much. Pretty much every other day we pick berries while they are in season. The Library gets a lot of our time too.

I also LOVE the weekly plans that some folks do. We don't have that much structure during the week but I love the idea!


 And this could be fun too!
What is on your list for the summer? 
When is summer break for you?

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