26 February 2016

Organizing Friday {Week 9}

I can't believe we are already 8 weeks into this year!  Last week was coupons and meal planning.  
I don't do coupons for food much, you can read about it HERE, that being said, I do have some coupons for other stuff. Those things need to be wrangled.  I keep it simple, and in my purse or I will never remember them.

I have seen some other ways for those that have a lot of coupons though!


Meal Planning
Was the other one for the week I missed.  I haven't been great at meal planning this year at ALL.

While I don't really keep recipes around that much, I do have a section in my planner where I SHOULD be meal planning. But nothing that needs organizing. No stack of recipes or papers or complicated schedule.

This week is the LAUNDRY ROOM
I don't know how spiffy I can get it this week, we will be at the hospital for much of the week. But I am going to work on it when I can!


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