21 February 2016

Organizing Friday {week 7}

Last week I did the 2 areas I missed! I can't tell you how crazy life has been with nothing to show for it! I've been a few days behind on everything! Gah. Not my favorite way to do things! 

I gave the fridge a good purge and a wipe down! It's better but still not what I would like it to be, thanks to the 5 paint rollers taking up a shelf lol. Renovation problems 😁
 Our garage has had a lot of changes, I've been able to park in it for the last week or so! The area is cleaned up but I don't know how long it will stay that way, 6 year olds don't always understand the expectations for recycling hehe. Oh well! I am just thankful he willingly does it without complaining 👍🏻

This week is COUPONS !! I don't even have enough for this to be an excuse! I should get a jump start on next week which is meal planning! I've shared so much about this but I have been a slacker and I haven't been using them!! 

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