02 November 2015

Let's Talk Thanksgiving!

Usually it's not high on my list of favorite Holidays, however, this year I feel like it's been getting more of my middle of the night thoughts! The randomness of my thoughts while I am up with the baby are insane. 

I have just been SO inspired, in different ways, the last few months.
Some adorable stuff on Pinterest.
Our neighbors turkeys, I don't know what you call 30 turkeys? A flock? 
My girly and her sweet heart
Having an oven that works
and watching too much Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven on netflix.

I am just so excited for it this year! I want to share all my favorite things and I hope you will share yours too! Comment below and leave a link to anything Thanksgiving related!
I want to share your sweet stuff too!

Today I am crushing on these cookies! Couple reasons, like I know we have that cookie cutter and I have a slight obsession with edible glitter!

I am going to post all my favorites here! So go follow me and get ready to have your best Thanksgiving yet!

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