10 April 2015

Organizing Friday {Week 15}

I didn't do much last Friday, Good Friday, hubby was home and we stayed busy. This last week I was working on the kitchen cabinets. We have been living in this place for a full 5 months. There are some things we still haven't touched. I was thinking there was some I can move up higher that we won't be using a while and other things that can just go!

I knew I couldn't do a whole kitchen overhaul in 1 week. We have too much snuggling and baseball for that. But I set a goal of the 3 worst drawers and got those done.
I know I can't be the only one that has a problem storing plastic storage. We usually use glass for storing in the fridge but hubby and kids use plastic for lunch stuff.
 after (and I hope it stays this way)

We also have a whole drawer dedicated to baby stuff, food, snacks, spoons, bottles and sippy cups, bibs and all that stuff.

This drawer was just a mess. I haven't used the lunchbox in a year or more. We don't typically use paper plates or plastic utensils. This time of year is when we do. I needed to make a spot so I can grab some at the store. We eat on the go 5-6 days a week during baseball season. It's not great but fine for now.

I know we are all busy and finding time for stuff like this can be tricky. I put the baby in the carrier and snuggled him to sleep while I did 1. I did the other while making dinner and bribed the biggest kid to sort plastic stuff.

How do you organize these things at your house? I bet there are better ways out there!

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