08 December 2010

Christmas decorations 2010

Last year I found the stockings I was looking for (even if I didn't know I was looking for them!) It was Finnley's first Christmas and he didn't have a stocking and I couldn't find one to match our old ones so we got the new ones.. which then led me to stop using the more country style Christmas stuff we did have and start to look for some more whimsical stuff to match these stockings!

I took these pictures Sunday.. and I should have taken them Tuesday after I dusted! I can't believe how much dust there is after 5 days, the bad part about black furniture I guess.

I am lovin' the $1 ornaments this year, seems like all the major stores have some! I wanted to put some fake snow on here, but Finnley can reach this and I am sure he would eat it!

I made this little tree from a Goodwill topiary find and some $1 section boa from Michael's. I wish I remembered where I got the little elf shoe, also another $1 ornament. Lovin all the glitter!

oh the dust is SO bad in this one!
But the snowballs are cute, I got them at a local craft store a few years ago on clearance, the kids love them!
Glitter candle from Home Goods.

Another Goodwill topiary covered in boa!
And a full boa on the mantle, I think I use one of those for EVERY season now!
mini snowballs in a $ Tree hurricane/candlestick Pottery Barn knock off!

There is more coming once I get some batteries for the camera !

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