30 December 2010

2011 Home Management Binder re-do!

Over the last few days I think I have gone through every cupboard and drawer making sure we don't start the new year with stuff we aren't using or that doesn't fit. It feels SO good to be done with it and starting out fresh for the new year!

Decided I need to work on my Home Management Binder while I am sprucing stuff up around here and re-organizing. There are some pages that are just not relevant anymore and there are a few pages and sections I need to add to work on my goals for the year.  I don't want to rush things or make it feel like a chore because I love and use my HMB everyday!

I posted about it before HERE, but that has been almost an entire year ago! It sure doesn't feel like it has been a year!  We have been getting more and more busy around here lately and I am definitely going to need a calendar page that is big and easy to read! Tomkat Studio has free monthly printable calendar pages that are CUTE! I will for sure be using the calendars to plan when we need to start some seeds, and HOPE I can keep a few plants alive!

I said before we are working on eliminating our debt.. I am thinking of trying the envelope system and see how that works for us. Using a 0 balance budget will be a hard adjustment but I think we can make it 
work, at least try it for a few months and see how it goes. I need to make a spot in my HMB for our envelopes!

Using coupons more and matching with the ads is also one of my goals! I need to find a way to organize coupons/current ads in my HMB to save the most combining them AND not taking up a ton of space!

I'm going to do a HMB post once a week (maybe twice) until I'm done.. but supplies are a must.. and the prettier it is, the more likely I am to use it everyday the way I want to! When I make it into town again I will be looking for these things (well the ones we don't already have)

~A binder, probably a 3" one, our 2" is about to tear into 2 pieces and it's too small!
~pencil pouch 
~dry erase markers
~pens, pencils
~some cute scrapbook paper and stickers
~Page protectors
~paper.. you can print everything out, or hand write it
~folders or page divders, whichever you prefer

Things I will need to keep in it..
~pens, pencils