08 January 2017

What things can you do right now?

 I can get overwhelmed when I think about my goals and how much WORK it is to get there. Sometimes it seems so daunting and I don't know where to start, if you can relate to this, join me and see if this helps you, no matter what your goals are! Taking baby steps to make it to the big steps!

Things I can do RIGHT now to move me towards my January goals!
Making time for myself
Schedule alone time! It's easy to say and put off. I am adding it to my planner. Just 1 thing so far

And I want to tell you how much I LOVE these pens! So smooth and fine!
You can find them HERE.

Diet Bet, staying hydrated, eating well
I am using MyFitnessPal, my water trackers in my planner, so cute right?

Meal planning is really what saves me. I put my dinner in and do breakfast and lunch around that to make it fit my goals.

Financial Goals, not eating out
Meal planning, and using my planner as best I can to thaw/prep in the morning! Set an alarm on my phone to prep dinner. Different times each day, we have a insane schedule in the evenings right now!

Kid Dates
Similar to making time for ME, making time for us, planning and putting it in the planner ahead of time (and fitting it in the not eating out budget) We won't be doing anything extravagant this month, but we will be using up some old expired groupons and gift cards for fancy coco dates.

House-Finish sanding cabinets, Organize Plan
 I started keeping the sander IN the house as motivation. And my weekly organizing plan handy!
Sticking to my Weekly Cleaning so I still have FRIDAY free to get the organizing done!

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