03 January 2017

January Goals

 Already 3 days in and I feel behind! But I am starting with small steps, little chunks of the big goals!

Self~ MAKE TIME for myself, twice, even if it's something small like a trip to the gym

 Health~ I joined a diet bet, nothing like the dread of losing money to motivate ya, right? Especially when it's ALL on me, 100% me.  Little parts of this are staying hydrated and being aware of my food choices. I use something like these to track my water!  

Financial~Eek, this is my least favorite to jump right in. So January I am taking it a bit easy, my only goals are to not eat out (besides what is planned), update all our debts/accounts and make a plan for the year. 

Relationships~ Take each kiddo out once and one for hubby and I. NO PHONE (besides pictures)
If you struggle with phone time, the app InTheMoment

House~Finish sanding kitchen cabinets, finish the last door molding and 1 last floor board piece! 
Stick to my Organizing Plan!

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