17 May 2016

It's almost summer break!

 We have just 3 1/2 weeks left of school. This year went SO SO fast! I am ready for less hustle and more time with the kids. Less schedule and more snuggle. Less paperwork and more coloring!

Our kids love school and usually the last day of school is full of tears and emotions. Putting some stuff together to make that last day special. And maybe snagging this.

Love this idea from Oh Goodie Goodie!

The Balloons might not work for us, but the streamers will, and our kids will love it!

I am not so sure our kids are as excited as I am to be home with me all day though. I have a feeling they will soon come down with a case of boredom. Stocking up these next few weeks on new things to do, old things we haven't done in a while and sneaking some math in there too.

These Star Wars workbooks have been our kids favorite this year!

We make our own bubble soap more often than not, but having a good selection of these and some chalk is a quick easy outside go to!
Our Target dollar section has all kinds of stuff out right now!
I also am stocking up on perler beads, shrinky dinks, and a few other non electronic things to do! I want to make sure there is a good variety of things to do to avoid TV in general!

Our daughter really thinks she wants to do a lemonade stand, everyday. This is so cute and easy, just covers a card table!
Only problem with that, we don't live in a neighborhood, and we have 4 neighbors is all. I don't think she would be too successful. 

I have 1 more thing I am working on, to get these kids excited, and to try and enjoy the days without school. They really are such good little kids that love school so much. This year will be especially hard, our oldest is going to middle school next year. I am not ready to have a big kid!

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