05 June 2015

Nourishing This Baby & A Giveaway

Hawkins is 8 months old and loves to eat! 
I want him to eat healthy foods that we can make work in our budget and that we feel good about giving him!

We love the ease of the baby food pouches, but the organic ones can get pretty spendy, even with a coupon.  So thankful we found these from Nourish with Style!

Reusable, easy on the budget, and a fun way to control what we give our little nugget. The lid is the same as commercial ones, so if you use those spoon attachments you are still good to go! Unlike some other pouches the entire bottom opens, making it easier to fill! Easy to close and a tight seal. You can fill and freeze them ahead of time, just leave a little expanding room. Free of BPA, BPH, Phthalate, PVC, Lead, Asbestos and Red Dye 40. A 10 pack of these is only $14.95! Such a deal!

Oregon has the best strawberries, they are ripe and inexpensive at the u-pick farms.
We have picked about 12 pounds this week, and the baby has eaten about 3 pounds while we were out picking.

I used a recipe that was just strawberries, chia seeds and a little honey.  The big kids have been using it as jam, I've been adding it to our pouches with other good stuff!
Today he is having homemade applesauce and strawberries with chia seed.
So easy to load these pouches and be ready for the morning adventures.

Let me tell you mamas and daddy's, these are the perfect pouch to nourish your sweet baby!
Or toddler, or big kid who still loves purees!

They are just the perfect thing for parents. I think the things I worry about when it comes to baby foods are cost, nutrition, ease. This hits the mark on all of them!

I have a 5 pack of these to give away too! Just enter below and start saving money, filling em up with goodness!

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**Nourish with Style provided me with some pouches to try out, all opinions are my own :)