02 June 2015

Wool Dryer Balls~Saving Money, Naturally. *Giveaway*

I posted a picture of Woolzies a couple weeks ago on Facebook, glad to see I wasn't last to the party!

We have been using them for a little while now, and goodness do they help!
I had been trying to find ways to cut down on laundry expenses.
We already make our own laundry soap and hang drying is a lovely idea, except we have trees and a big empty field and SPIDERS like crazy. I just can't do it! I have tried hanging some in our laundry room but 2-3 loads of wash a day, there just isn't enough room for it all.
We have a h/e machine already, other than making sure I get every stray sock in the load I don't think there is another way I can save on the washing part, we just use soap, sometimes vinegar. I won't pay for or use fabric softener, it's not softening anything, it's coating the fabric with chemicals. ICK!
So I started checking out drying options, lots of DIY fabric sheets but same chemical coating, no thanks.
In my search I read about these wool dryer balls. Claimed to help drying time and soften clothes.
I had seen the plastic ones and was not convinced I would want heated plastic in with our clothes, I envisioned more holes and less help with the drying or making anything softer, and was pretty sure the noise would be crazy.
I read about Woolzies then tried them out, I new the first week I was hooked!
They work by helping separate the clothes in the dryer and allowing the air to circulate more efficiently. I barely notice a difference in noise.
 I didn't really have an issue with static before, and still don't. But I don't over dry stuff. As soon as it is dry stuff comes out, I think static is partially over drying.

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