03 November 2014

Meal Plan Monday

Our new kitchen is a MESS! I am slowly, very, very slowly getting it organized. The pantry is going to be a hard adjustment. I already miss our big walk in pantry!  
I am also pretty sure we still have a container of food in the storage unit. I am still going to attempt a plan this week and see how it goes. I feel like such a crazy person, haven't made a meal plan for the month, went grocery shopping and I swear I didn't really get anything. I don't think I was prepared for how hard moving was going to be for me.

Monday~Chicken, rice and green sauce
I am probably going an easier route and just using green enchilada sauce (with some blended spinach in it, don't tell the kids) instead of homemade sauce.

Tuesday~Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese
I am going to try to put together a new dish, no recipe so we will see how it turns out.
Having salad with it.

Wednesday~Chili and Rice

Thursday~Chicken Spaghetti
I love how easy this is to throw together in the day as I have time, then I can just bake it as we get close to dinner!
Friday~Grilled Cheese

 Have you tried any new recipes recently that were super? Share them please!


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