28 May 2014

52 Weeks of Organizing~ Week 21

We had a short week at home last week, we did get our girly all moved into her new room. Nothing on the walls yet, trying to keep it to a minimum. Because, I am HOPING it is short lived. To add to our crazy that we have going on right now, we have decided to list our home for sale!

She went from the biggest to smallest room, no complaints!

Not going to be getting any organizing done this week. Instead we are making sure everything looks good for the photographer that comes next week. 
I am trying to get the kids on board with making sure their room is clean before school, that is not going over as well as I hoped.

I am sticking with my regular Weekly Cleaning and also making a note of things that need to be touched up, moved, etc.

I see a whole lot of work happening this weekend!
I think this combo of hoping to sell and being pregnant is making me crazy! We have sold a ton of stuff lately, I just feel like we really need to downsize "stuff" in general.
I hope this is my nesting and it doesn't turn into something crazy like paint every room or make the living room a play room crazy.


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