13 January 2014

Meal Plan Monday Week #3

Two weeks in and so far so good! Going to be taking advantage of the crockpot and easy meals this week, working some OT.
Monday~ Chili
I like to put pureed pumpkin in ours. Find the almost recipe here
Tuesday~ Chicken Stroganoff
Wednesday~ Spaghetti
I make batches of marinara, usually enough for 2 meals at a time.
I use:
1 big can of fire roasted tomatoes (blended, no chunks here!)
1 small can of tomato sauce
Italian seasoning
little red wine
and 1/2 -1C Spicy V8
Couple splashes of Worcestershire Sauce
 Just let it simmer to combine well
Thursday~ Pork Roast & Veggies
  I watch for the pork tenderloins to go on sale and grab a couple, they are just the right size.

Friday~ Leftovers
Saturday~ Baked Potatoes
 We just wrap them in foil and stick them in the crock pot
Load them up with veggies, leftovers and some cheese.
Sunday~ Chicken Enchilada/Pasta
Sometimes I just don't have the time to put together a whole pan of enchiladas. Instead, I will throw some enchilada sauce, chicken, cheese and pasta together with some veggies and call it good!
Sticking to these meal plans where I am not buying extra ingredients or letting stuff go to waste is how we help keep our grocery budget down! So far this month I have done our big grocery trip and Costco and have spent $175.


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