01 July 2013

My fave products for fast mornings

When I shared how June went, I said I was getting up a little earlier than before. Only 15 minutes but it makes a difference! Now I didn't want to lose that 15 minutes of sleep just to spend it on getting ready.  I shared a simple morning routine here, but honestly that was feeling like too much time too, so I just really limited it to my few favorites. Especially for Summer! I like a very natural, but better look that is less then 5 minutes to do and simple every time.

I cannot get over this clinique moisturizer, it comes in a few versions, but it's the even better series, it's expensive but a little goes a long way. I appreciate the sunscreen in it, especially now when it's so hot and sunny. It absorbs fast and doesn't feel greasy at all.

If I have time and feel like I need a little face coverage, which honeslty is not often, I prefer a bare face to a face full of makeup on most people. But I do keep some Bare Minerals around for a bad day.

I use this clear mascara on my eyebrows everyday, they can get out of control and this helps them behave a little.

Eye shadow, just 1 color, nuetral but covers well, I know it looks really pink here but it goes on sheer and just a little shimmer. I love the E.L.F. brand, comes in other colors too. If I am short on time I just use my ring finger and spread it around real good otherwise I use a concealer brush. I love that once it sets it stays, no creasing and no extra powder to clean up.

Eye Liner.. SO didn't think this would make the cut but I really love how easy this goes on, stays on and inexpensive enough to use it everyday, I can only do liquid eyeliner, something about the pencil or crayon style just does not work for me, I like a super thin like that is barely noticeable. This E.L.F. one has a tiny felt tip on it that works amazing for me.

Mascara, I feel like it finishes off a basic look. I prefer this one because it doesn't make my eye lashes feel crunchy, they still feel soft and flexible and not flaky, and its not chunky AT ALL. And it's been discontinued, I am not sure which ones to check out now.. any recommendations?

Perfume, makes me feel ready to go, so silly but it does.

And thanks to this dry shampoo mornings have been SO much easier!! I didn't think dry shampoo would ever work for me, but I am loving this, my hair feels fuller and looks better on days I use it vs. days I wash/dry/style. I have tried 3 of the Batiste ones now and loved 2 of the 3, the one for Brown hair with a little tint I did not like at all, took it back and swapped for the cherry one. The coloring in the brown one made my head kinda itchy I think.

And once in a while I will use this lip liner, same color I have used for 15 years probably and I am loving the lip butter by Nivea right not, it's in my purse but I don't like a real heavy line, just a tiny bit that blends in well with the lip butter.

I got rid of SO much that was I was keeping for no good reason. I love that since I got strict with myself it all fits in the medium size of these soo charming makeup bags!

 I was telling myself I needed to keep some for special occasions and all that but even if we are going out or something, I always end up with the same basic, tried and true look so I made some room and feel way better about it. Especially because in the grand scheme of things, makeup is cheap. If I really needed something I can get it.

If you use instagram, check out the hash tag #igotdressedtoday or #ootd, those are my 2 favorite. I haven't been doing it much lately but I love to see what other people are wearing, how they are styling their hair, all that stuff. The only problem I have with it is that I feel like a total dweeb taking my own picture.


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