04 June 2013

*New* Morning Routine

I shared my Daily Schedule as a housewife and stay at home mom, not THAT long ago, and y'all know how much has changed since then, obviously my plans are going to have to change too.
I wish I could say I had a pretty print out like that one, but no, I have my work in progress scribbled in multiple colors on a torn out, coffee marked, folded piece of paper. Just keeping it real here, I will definitely hopefully find a little time to make a pretty one, but for now I am still going through the process, I shared my process for making my detailed schedule here.
Ooooh don't be jealous of my snazzy Workin Mom morning schedule ;)  yup this is how it starts! I will be making sure it works a while before I spend any of my time making it pretty.  And really it's going to change in a week anyway when the kids are out of school, so I may have 2 or I may not get around to it until after they are back in school. The point is for me to have an idea and a guideline for right now so I can make it a routine. Practice, practice, practice! That is the only way I get good at stuff.
In case you can't read past all the junk on it or my atrocious chicken scratch, it says
5:00~ Get Up, laundry and Get ready
5:30~COFFEE, dishes, dinner prep
5:45~COFFEE, me time
6:00~Weights (not much but better than nothing)
6:15~ Get big kids up, pack bags, change laundry
6:30~Breakfast, dishes, pack lunches
6:45~check planner, pack car
7:00~ LEAVE

So that is how my mornings are rolling these days. I have some of our 4th of July stuff out, hoping I find some time between concession stand shifts, work and family time to snag a few pictures!


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