20 December 2012

Making a daily schedule

Who has a daily schedule? Who loves them? Who wants one?
I LOVE having a plan and knowing what my day will (hopefully) hold!

I'm working on revamping my HMB for the new year. I think I'll add a few more things to it,
 including a reusable daily schedule.
Having a morning plan and daily schedule that we follow loosely helps us make sure we get everything done we need to and out the door in time for school in the mornings and dinner on the table before 8pm.

I have my schedule broken up into 3 sections. Before School, during school and after school.

I have my own schedule, it's kinda crazy and not nearly as free as the kids routine but it helps me make sure I stay on task and get everything done! I think it took me just about a year of tweaking it to get it right and some days it just doesn't happen, like now, during Christmas break when no one but hubby is going anywhere there are a few things we skip and we do breakfast a little later, no homework, lots of free time!

I made mine by thinking about how my perfect, average day would go.
I made lists of
 ~Things I would want to get done before the kids were up
~Things I needed to do with and for the kids between waking up and getting them out the door
~The things I wanted to do when it was just the baby and I (I can still call him a baby even if he is 3 right?!)
~Then the after school business of homework, playtime and getting dinner ready.

I ended up with a detailed, every 15-30 min in the morning list (this is an abbreviated list).  Because I know what they are after doing them a while. But I still like the action of crossing something off a list. I made this and will keep a few days worth in a page protector in my HMB and use wet erase markers.  

By now I am SURE 90% of y'all think I am a nutter and the rest might understand how much easier it can make this type A's day go!

I know these types of schedules aren't for everyone, but for me they work. I like seeing everything I've done that day and know that even when I feel like I can look around and not see anything I have done there is a whole list of things I did do.

I'll share my detailed morning to do list soon.
This all goes along with my Weekly Cleaning Schedule too!
And if anyone can share how to make this a "printable" I'd be happy to share :)


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