22 July 2013

Kids School Clothes Shopping

I know Back to School shopping sounds like a cuss word right now in the middle of July, but the best deals on basics are happening NOW or soon!

I have to do some prep before it's time to get to business.
 This is how we prep

~First we try on EVERYTHING! It takes a lot of time but sometimes they have little leg growth spurts we might not notice and I don't want to find out jeans are too short after we just miss a big sale.
~See what we have left, compare it to this (new) list, plan for what we need, then

~Decide on a budget.. and STICK to it! (that is the hard part for me)
Because I have overbought so much in the past, I only have to budget for jeans for all the kids, socks and a few other random things, plus a coat for 1 or 2 and leaving a little bit extra for something they might just really like that isn't on the list. I remember Back to School shopping was so fun as a kid, I want to keep it fun  but reasonable too.

Over the weekend we worked on this along with another daunting task!
We are finally officially moving the boys in together! Bunk bed on the way and whole do over is coming soon!

Can't wait to share all the progress we have made in simplifying, organizing and getting these boys settled in together! Just a few days away.

Once the shopping budget is set I will be watching the sales and ads and deciding what are we going to do with a whole empty room?!  I'm voting for a craft room (we will see how that goes over with the Mr.)


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