18 July 2013

Simplifying~Kids Clothes

And I thought parting with MY clothes was hard.. nothing compared to kids clothes!
I am an addict, I admit that and I also hate that I do it,  I overbuy far too often. Sometimes I think our kids really have more clothes than they can wear.

I'm REALLY going to have to try this time, and it is going to be a 2 part thing for me, baby-steps in my addiction breaking.

Step 1.
Make a list of what they TRULY will need for back to school.

Yup, that's my list.. it will be SO hard but step 2 will help with the separation anxiety.

Step 2.
Keep a few backups for the inevitable stains, tears and lost items (and really to help me ease into this MUCH less clothes thing)

I have a lot of closet space I can fill with backups but shouldn't.
My plan is to put the stuff that is on the bigger side right now as the backups so they will get used when someone outgrows something anyway.

So my goal for the weekend is to have much emptier drawers and closets for these kids!
Y'all come back next week for the progress and my next step in Simplifying life round here!


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