08 July 2013

Back to School Prep

It feels *slightly* insane to even be bringing this up in JULY but, it's almost time for those retailers to attack us with not so subtle reminders that our wee ones are growing and that the backpack from last year might not make it another,  that if there was a pair of jeans without a hole in the knee left,
they are too short now. And that we are behind on our organization, 
need 2 extra boxes of pencils and that we are about to get even MORE busy. 

So I am not going to let the way cute back to school clothes, new pencil pouches and crayons distract me from what I REALLY need to do (like they usually do), which is keep my family on track! On track with saving, not spending just because, not buying excess no matter how cute it is. And on track with a routine that works for us, staying on track with organization around our home.

Starting early with the planning, and doing a little here and there instead of spending the last week of Summer doing it all, I am just spending 1 day a week on these tasks and not letting it get out of hand.

Some of the things I need to deal with:

~Clothes.. what do we have, what do we need for the kids
~Schedule..for each weekday for all of us, we might be guilty of being too busy
~Breakfast/Lunch Planning...just updating this with new faves for the kids.
~Sports Prep..almost football time, 2 kids 2 teams 2 practices YIKES
~Garage.. just some tidying and organizing


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