01 April 2013


I am sooo ready for more of this gorgeous weather we have had. It just makes everything a little better! March went by even faster than February, makes me a little sad but it was also a productive month!
Paid OFF my Target Credit Card, that is a HUGE deal for me! I even cut it up!
That ^^^ feels SO seriously good! Good enough to keep me working on the rest even though I am not loving the lack of sleep and seriously falling behind on housework!
Spring Cleaning.. Pssssh SO not happening. I did wipe down a few of the baseboards but nothing else! Hoping for a garage sale in the next couple weekends, has me purging big time! But other than that I am just working on my weekly chores and a new routine that works with my work schedule.
I am still having coffee out, not as bad as last month, can I blame the new job for last month?! But I am also sticking to buying the gift cards and just using those (doesn't hurt to get gas discounts with the gift cards!)
Our Christmas fund has almost $200 in it! I cannot tell you how easy Swagbucks REALLY can be, I do a survey in the morning and then use it for my regular searching, no extra work outside of that most days! It's not a gimmick and it's FREE! No reason not to do it! Sign up HERE and start saving for Christmas, or Disney or a new car or whatever you are working towards!
I haven't been to the gym other than a few times, debating just canceling my membership unless I can get myself there more often! I think my work schedule will be about the same now and I COULD make it to my 2 fave classes. Giving it through April and if I make it more than 4 times I will keep it!
Even though things were crazy in February, I made some changes in my attitude about stuff and March turned out to be much better, although it went by much faster too!
My April goals are the same as they have been but I have a few more added. I HAVE to plan our summer activities before it gets any later and my main goal is to go through every room and purge as much as I can in the next 2 weeks!
What are your April plans? How was March for y'all?
And I am SOO counting down the weeks until school is out! 11 weeks!



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