11 January 2013

Organizing Friday!

Look at that, already doing better than I did all of last year! 2 weeks in a row ha!
The pantry looks so much better and I have cleared almost an entire shelf for some long term stock piling! I also did some mega purging and got rid of about half of my cookie cutters (again) I don't know how I ended up with 3 of the same ones, all varying sizes but still, unnecessary. Kids at school will love them for playdough and now I have 1 less bucket up there to deal with. Win-win!

I love using these file boxes or zip baggies and all the foil, wrap and stuff, they fit perfect!

This week I am taking on our closet that I used for Christmas gifts and cleaning stuff. If it looks familiar it is because I have NO problem organizing it and 100 problems keeping it organized ! It's been on here a handful of times (here, here and here) already, but each time it gets better and better. Hopefully this is the last time I have to fix it and we can keep it looking good!

But I am trying to be real and let some of my hoarding tendencies go. Do I reallllly need all those rags for cleaning, no I probably don't need 15. I can probably get the job done with 4 for the entire year and get some space back!

Hopefully next weeks Organizing job will have pictures of a MUCH emptier closet!
What have you been putting off organizing?


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