02 December 2011

Organizing Friday!

Ok, so it has been a while since I have been posting on Fridays, because I really haven't been doing much on Fridays! I got in a slump. But I am on a mission and starting with the most used clutter collecting spaces. So some of these might be a repeat, but believe me they needed help again.
Pinterest is sure a motivator when there are such pretty organized spaces!


Today I finished our closet downstairs, I don't really know what to call it, it's between the hall and bathroom and pretty big. We keep all our media stuff in it, my workout stuff, cleaning supplies, extra diapers and wipes, TP and when I am being bad 200 other things!
I actually started it yesterday, and of course didn't take pictures, cause I NEVER remember. But I will tell you there were NO open shelves, they were all covered with gifts that needed to be wrapped, and some that had been wrapped, random bows, wrapping paper and gift tags!  So now that I've go that done and we have a place I could really get in there and get it cleaned!

it's MUCH better now. I think I have cleaned this closet at least 4 times in the last 2 years, like MAJOR and shared about it! HERE is the very first "before" picture. And done HERE and last time it was in JUNE! Only 6 months and it got So bad this time! Here is the June post with some before and afters.
So even since I took these pictures an hour ago, I've already made more changes. The handheld steamer, RARELY gets used. I think I am not going to keep it, I'm moving it to the garage, and in the Spring if I haven't used it by Spring Cleaning time, it's going!  I've also made sure I don't even LOOK at Scentsy stuff for a while! I have obviously too much in the basket on the left.

The gingham basket is full of rags, I don't think I need that many, I keep the microfiber cloths and use them for everything. So I moved it to the garage too, if I don't need them by Spring they can stay out there for Hubby to use.
I even got rid of a couple of aprons!

These disc holders are AMAZING! They each hold about 100 Cd's and they are so much smaller than 100 Cd's in cases. By far my favorite organizing for media

And I clearly need to stock up on wipes and TP :)

I really have been trying to purge like crazy, for a couple reason. The first is we just have too much stuff! Stuff we aren't using right now, and who knows if we will again. The other reason is there are only 29 days to get your donations in for the tax year. I don't want to wait until the beginning of the year to do all this.
Cleaning products, I had started getting free samples of stuff, or a good deal on clearance items. I just have to stop and stick to what I know I will use. Vinegar, magic erasers, baking soda and microfiber! The bin of cleaning stuff was (and still kind of is) overflowing. I figure with all this cleaning and organizing I should use up some of the extra stuff and have it to a manageable level again soon!

Not sure what next week will be, maybe the pantry (especially since I have had oil cloth for a year and haven't used it!)
Hope everyone has a good weekend! Who else is getting their tree this weekend?


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