10 June 2011

Organizing Friday

Today we are super busy, so glad I was able to get this done before the day really starts!


Nothing special, and I didn't really do anything different than before just cleaned it up and purged a few things!  But I do have some storage issues for some other rooms so I am getting some ideas before it's time to get to it. Lego's! So many and so small and tempting to the little one!
This is what he has so far, made by my handy Father in law! it's on wheels and rolls right under the bed, it works SO well but since then he has collected a few ton more Lego's so we need to find another solution for storing the majority of them.

 Found these ideas and I am sure that I can make something work from them

I personally like the Lego Head, but it's not very practical or priced well. I think instead I will check out what the Home Depot has the next time we are there!

Not sure what next Friday will have me purging, cleaning or organzing yet!


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