08 November 2010

Organizing Friday (a few days late)

Whoops.. Just realized this was saved as a draft from Friday.. Naptime Friday went well got it all cleaned up!  See the BEFORE here.

Aprons.. I really love aprons. Needed a place where they are out of the way and easy to get to when I want one! Used the mini command hooks.. so far so good at holding up! I personally use half aprons for cleaning and full aprons for cooking, these are some of the half aprons.

That green ginham lined basket was a laundry room cast off, much better than the wire basket to hold the clean up towels. (I think I stole that from our deep freezer) I really like having a steamer.. I don't like all the peices, but I've had these Target $1 section baskets a while and they work great for keeping everything together, and I can just grab the whole basket when I am ready to use the steamer! There is another one for cleaning supplies too, so much easier to grab 1 basket instead of making 3 or 4 trips up and down stairs to clean the bathrooms upstairs! There are some more baskets that were in the laundry room cabinets not being used. I moved all the wall flower plug ins and replacements into 1 place (instead of in 3 different rooms!) Lightbulbs and outlet plugs in the other basket. Swiffer handles in another basket, next to the swiffer refills.  Think I have issues with baskets?!

Wii Fit board with games and controllers in easy to keep together totes. The brown box has DVD's in it.. we got rid of all the cases a while ago, they took up SO much room, easily 1 whole shelf in here. Those DVD's are ones we rarely watch because they aren't kids DVD's.. we have another whole box of kid DVD's but they are on one of the bookshelves because they get a bit more use! I can't even imagine how little room there would be without the dvd storage. SO glad we got rid of the big cases!  So much wasted space!

Speaking of wasted space, remember all of those audio books that were different sized boxes from the before picture?  Well some were falling apart and all were taking up more space than they needed to. Decided to just move ALL the audio books into one of the REALLY big CD holder's and when we want to take one in the car we can just move them into a little holder. I think that made a huge difference, not only in space but the way it looks, much less cluttered!

Hopefully I can keep it this tidy. I'm sure it will make getting my everyday chores done easier when everything has a place and it's where it is suppose to be!

Next Week This week, working on the garage shelf.. it's bad!


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