31 October 2012

Holiday Prep when you can!

I have been so busy, and a bad blogger lately! Sorry 'bout that.

I know I can't be the only one that is busy, and busy isn't always good. We are finally done with soccer here and I am SO excited to have those 3 days a week back with our littles. 

Halloween is almost here and then the next few weeks will just speed by before Thanksgiving! I am doing what prep I can ahead of time. Last night I was making pepperoni rolls (because the stuff was on sale) and I bought extra and made them all!

They are from Pillsbury.com about 8 years ago and I didn't see them on there today. But they are super easy!
You need 
Canned Crescent Rolls
Cream Cheese

Heat oven to temp on package
 You just take the crescent rolls, unroll them, push the seem of 2 together so you have a rectangle.
Then spread some cream cheese on the rectangle, not quite to the edges
Layer Pepperoni, (I use 8 pieces for each rectangle)

Then roll them back up and slice into little spirals (I like mine a little hard from the freezer, makes them easier to cut) and bake for time on package.

But since I bought extra I made them all, and rolled each rectangle up in some wax paper 
and put them in a freezer bag.

So now when we have extra company, or a last minute thing to go to, or the game on, I just need to take them out, cut them and let them thaw a few minutes before popping them in the oven. I guess you could also cut them ahead of time, freeze them on a cookie sheet then put them in a bag. One less step later on.
Easy and super yummy appetizer or snack.
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10 October 2012


Because I KNOW I need to do it now!
Everyone aound us seems to have some kind of bug!
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08 October 2012

Not ready for Monday!

I don't even know how it is Monday again already!
This last weekend was packed full and felt extra long, not in a good way!
I have a bunch to get caught up on and only 3 days of school this week
before the kids have a week off!
That means cramming in those 3 days what I do in a week so we can do some fun stuff..
Monday~Pork Tenderloin and roasted veggies
Wednesday~Chicken, veggies and pasta with some leftover sauce from White Chicken Enchiladas
Thursday~Grilled Cheese and soup
Friday~Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry
Around the house
~Weekly chores
~Fall cleaning Bedrooms
Crazy Love Chapter 2
And not likely anything else!
Fun Stuff
Soccer x4
Horse Riding Lessons
Pumpkin Patch

I haven't found any Halloween things I HAVE to make this year, but if I have any downtime this week, I'm on the hunt for some cute fluff!
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03 October 2012

Halloween Fluff!!

It's been out for a few days but we have been non stop go go go and no time to snap pictures!
So here are this years Halloween decorations, always pretty similar, just a little different!
I don't love too much gore or anything too cartoonish. Purple is one of my least favorite colors, I like to keep things simple with black, white
and silver with just a little orange or other color here and there!

Love how they look with the new back splash!

I love these little cages

Found the black book at a garage sale for a couple bucks, loved the name!

Obviously need to go through the magazines!

Christmas Ornaments, just love them with the Halloween stuff though! 

I didn't make any new stuff this year (yet)
But I am pretty much running out of room too!

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01 October 2012

Weekly Plan

Happy October! My favorite month of the year!

Weekly planning this morning and I am realizing that I am WAY behind! 
Halloween in just 4+ weeks when I know we will have people here and then it will be Thanksgiving in a heartbeat. So I think just working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday isn't cutting it!

We have a full week this week, no days off, nothing special just the "normal" week!
I still have a few half done projects like beadboard in the guest bath that needs to be painted, and antlers that need glittered. Those are the fun ones to do but I still have clothes to sort, baseboards to clean and touch up.

I haven't even started in either bathroom or the linen closet! Those are on the list for this week too.
I think this warm weather makes me not feel like Fall cleaning! It's been high 70's for weeks!

Monday~Pork Tenderloin and Veggies
Tuesday~Tacos (or nachos)
Wednesday~Spicy Chicken pasta
Thursday~Teriyaki Chicken and rice
Friday~Football Game Food 

~Crazy Love (for small group Bible study)
~Huge stack of Halloween Magazines

Fun Stuff
~Library Music and Dance Story time
~Riding Lessons
~Soccer Practice x4

And I am also planning on making some baked goodies..
Going to try mini blackberry cobblers and something pumpkin or Fall-ish for playdate!
Any super recipes that can be sweet but not overly sweet or complicated?
I love this set-up. Looks so cozy!

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