21 September 2010

Fall Cleaning Bedrooms!

The bedrooms are the easiest for me, so I save them for last. Fall is almost here, I can't tell you how good it feels to almost be done with the cleaning already!

I am a fan of sleep! Having a cluttered or dirty bedroom is not going to help me sleep at all! I start with the clutter, go through clothes and anything I don't need or want goes to donation pile, for the kids, anything they have outgrown or will be in outgrown soon and are way out of season gets moved out of the way! The shorts and tank tops get moved to the back of everyones dresser and closets, while the sweaters and jeans make their way to the front!

~Getting rid of any books we are done with and all the little things that collect in nightstand is next.
~Mattresses need to be turned/flipped every 6 months, now is a good time to do it, and while you are at it, if you have a portable steamer, use it! I do the mattress on both sides and the box springs! Steam is great for killing allergens and dust mites! We put our electric bed warmers on now, just waiting for the cold days!
~Washing the curtains and chair cover, and while they are in the wash, I am cleaning all the window tracks, windows and steaming the chair (ours is old, my Great Grandpa made it and I am scared to use anything other than steam on it!)
~swapping out the pictures in the frames, making sure any candles that are past their prime are dealt with. And that is about it, other than the list for every room.
Hope I can get all 4 of our bedrooms done by Saturday! The weather here has been nice, and staying inside to clean has not been easy!


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