13 October 2009

Every Room Cleaning & Ickies Kit

Every Room Cleaning~

Just in case I didn't say it in the others.. these are things I do in every room during my Fall cleaning.

~Washing the walls.. Vinegar and water mix works great
~Vacuum Baseboards and if that doesn't make em look clean, I use vinegar/water and a rag.
~Vacuum the light fixtures and wipe clean if needed.
~Heater Vents.. Vacuum them out
~Curtains.. Wash them if they are machine washable!
~The Window Tracks.. I vacuum them first so I don't just make mud when I get the vinegar/water mix out.. and I use q tips to get all the stuff out! Hoping to get this done before the rain comes.. Mud is MUCH harder to clean!

Ickies Kit..

Stocking up on cold/flu supplies now will help if you or a family member gets the ickies, no one wants to drag a sick kid to the store.. so stock up now on..

~pain reliever, infant, children's or adult.. whatever you need for your family, Kleenex, cough drops or lozenges, Tea, Ginger Ale & Chicken soup fixins.

I will also be grabbing a couple new coloring books or activity books at Dollar Tree.. My little guy gets pretty disappointed if he misses school, having a new book or activity usually chippers him up!
Also check and make sure your heating pads and humidifiers are all working!


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