02 October 2009

Halloween Spiders

I really don't like spiders at all, but for Halloween will make a exception to decorate with them. I thought since I was covering them with glitter, they wouldn't be as creepy! The entire project was pretty quick and super cheap!

Got a bag of Halloween Rings at Michaels, Glitter and Glue, and some Glue Dots.

First I glittered the spiders.. used a paint brush and covered em in glue, then dipped them in the black glitter ( I use Martha Stewart brand ). After they dried I cut the ring part off so the spiders were mostly flat. Attach the glue dots to the back and stuck on the wall. Below is what I did with em when they were all done! They wrapped around the wall and a few pictures.. and yes they are just a little creepy!

I also did a few of the little skulls with silver glitter.. havent decided what to do with em yet though!
I am hoping to get the rest of my Halloween pictures loaded soon! ( in between baby naps! )


  1. Oh Brit, the spiders are so creative however I think if I did that, I'd scream in the middle of the night if I saw them on the walls, lol. Great job - you are SO crafty!

  2. This is adorable. I love decorating with spiders!!

  3. I did this but they did not stick to the wall with the glue dots. any suggestions?

  4. I am going to try the wall putty stuff this year, because the glue dots took the paint off :(