31 May 2012

"Office" update

We don't have a real office and I don't know what I would do in it if we did have one, but we do need an organized place to keep the important stuff. I shared our little office in a cupboard here before. I haven't worked on it much since it went from this

To this

And I have slowly been purging, eliminating and making room for other things (like those cake stands!) in other places. 
Here it is today

The boxes hold stuff that goes together, together. Camera lens and charger with the memory cards.
One box is all letter stuff! Envelopes, cards, stamps, wax seals and the address book!
I was able to pick these up on sale (I need a couple more though)
 and I plan on adding the labels to them soon!

Our most used thing, besides the HMB

These little inexpensive IKEA jars are perfect for holding anything small, batteries, outlet covers, change, thumb drives, safety pins and random screws!
I was hoping t get the lids painted pink today but it's just a little busy round here! On my list of things to do though!
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28 May 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Weeks that start with a holiday always throw me off a little bit.
We are planning getting home today before dinner. But of course there is 4 days of laundry to do and unpacking, planning for the school week and life in general, so easy tonight is a must, and the rest of the week really needs to be easy so we can recover from being gone for 4 days.

Monday~Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes
Tuesday~Chicken Tacos
Wednesday~Lasagna Soup
Thursday~Beef Stew
Friday~Turkey Burgers
Saturday and Sunday are just not mine to deal with this weekend,
my girlfriends and I will be at Farm Chicks!

And with this week being so busy, I am not sure I will have another post this week, I will try though!
For sure posting about Farm Chicks though :)
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21 May 2012

Citrus Themed Bridal Shower

Keeping it real here. It is 3:45 in the morning and I am typing this in the hallway while my girly is in the bathtub after a 3 am wake-up (eww, throw up) call. I really think a good bath can fix a lot of things. She is playing and already feeling better but I won't get back to sleep until she has been ick free for a whole day. 
So might as well make the most of it!

I hosted a bridal shower for my soon to be Sister in Law yesterday. She wasn't sure she wanted one, and I didn't have a lot of time to plan once a date had been set for it.  I wanted the theme to be a surprise for her because I KNOW she has a ton of wedding stuff she is working on and if she knew the theme she would be spending some of her time pinning cute stuff for me to look at!

This was my first party not at our house, and it was a 40 minute drive, so all those little things I forgot were not really an option to go home and get. (like flowers!) I know for next time to USE the lists I made!

So there it is, super simple and I didn't take pictures of the games but also simple, the bridal shower poem game, and the points for what is in your purse game.

I don't have any other parties to plan until FEBRUARY!!! We are taking our kiddos to Great Wolf Lodge for Finn's 3rd Birthday in September instead of the traditional party, this all started because I couldn't think of a theme in February for him and I like plenty of time to plan! They don't know but I am sure Ramsey will be suspicious when there is no party prep going on in August or September!

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09 May 2012

Little Bathroom Update

I said last week that with all the deep cleaning I was sure to find some things that needed replaced or fixed, moved or organized. Well the first thing I noticed was the bath mats in our bathroom, when I took them out of the washer the rubber backing is pretty torn up and coming apart. 
I knew I had seen some cute ones around town somewhere..
It was Cost Plus, they have reasonable prices on a lot of their stuff. 
These match and I like them a little better even!

Also dealing with our under sink storage. It's not pretty or functional. Looking for some ideas on storage for everything from hair dryers to toilet paper. 
I love this idea from Pinterest
I haven't found the small holders yet though. Anyone seen them around lately?
Hope I have a newly organized bathroom post next Wednesday, 
especially since I am headed to IKEA in a couple days!

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07 May 2012

Meal Plan Monday and Pantry Inspiration

I cannot believe it is Monday again already!
I've got our meal plan for the week all set
Monday~White Chicken Enchiladas
Tuesday~Shredded Beef tacos
Wednesday~Kielbasa with Peppers and Pasta
Thursday~Pork Roast with veggies
Friday~Takeout (I will be out of the house all day with 2 out of the 3 kids)
Saturday~BBQ something

And since today is Monday I have been in the kitchen cleaning, made me think about our Pantry and if I could make it better than it is now. So of course Pinterest is the go-to for ideas these days!
Lots of great Pantry pins on there. I pinned the ones that caught my eye HERE.

 I love all the glass jars in this one
but too many little hands for these right now.

I really like the overall look of this one, 
I feel like our pantry seems really dark and this one is so light!

This is some major organized food storage!

There are more on my pin board, where all of these came from too.
Thinking I will head to IKEA Friday after our appointments in Portland, since we will be up there anyway. Hope I can find some good stuff to help our pantry. It's not horrible though, it's organized, just ugly!

Tomorrow is tidying the living room and I need to find some magazine storage ideas tomorrow!
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05 May 2012

Shabby Apple Giveaway!

I'm sure you have all seen the seriously cute goods from Shabby Apple before, like this gorgeous dress!

And I love how their Beauty Products are packaged so charming!

I could spend hours on their website checking out all the sweet goods!
And lucky you, I have a gift card to Shabby Apple for 1 lucky winner!!

I imagine I would cook dinner, drive to school pick up and fold laundry better if  I was wearing this seriously precious necklace!
all available at ShabbyApple.com

Now the rules!
1. You must "like" Shabby Apple on Facebook, and comment here that you do.
2. In your comment please share what your favorite Shabby Apple item is!
3. You must be a follower of Cupcakes Kisses 'N' Crumbs and comment that you are.
4. You must have a USA Shipping address

for additional entries (1 each )
1. "Like" Cupcakes Kisses 'N' Crumbs on facebook 
2. Share on your blog or facebook
Just comment and let me know you did!

Can't wait to see what the winner picks out!
Will pick a winner next Friday!

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04 May 2012

Friday!!! Finally

This week of getting back in the swing of things has gone well as far as keeping house goes, but that whole balance thing still isn't happening, I've only been to the gym once and we didn't do much "fun" stuff this week.
I'd like to blame it on being super busy but I'm just not good at getting it ALL done.
Spending this week getting the house fluff done will for sure make it easier though!
I didn't get to organize anything really today, I was home for 1 hour before dinner, I don't know how workin' mamas get anything done!!

I tidied up the pantry a little, no major overhaul or anything. Looks the same as before but with groceries now!

And now I can see I really need to re attach some of that shelf liner!
Maybe next Friday, as long as next week goes as planned!!

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend and that it doesn't rain, it's dumping here!!

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03 May 2012


Day 4 for me to get back on track!
Thursdays are bedroom cleaning day, since we have been so off the last couple months, I seriously doubt I will be getting anything extra done today. But I can't wait to get these bedroom windows clean and (hopefully) let some sunshine in!
One of the things I do on Thursdays is change every ones sheets, and that means folding fitted sheets! I am really not good at it so I am always looking for sheet storage and HELP in general! 
Pinterest has made me realize I am not the only one who struggles!
This is what I have done for years, and I still love this concept, using one of the pillowcases as a "bag" for the whole sheet set.

I think I just need to find a better place to store them.
This chicky has a good set up
I think the linen closet is in need of an overhaul. Next week maybe?
I love this set up, so pretty!
But maybe something like these instead of baskets.

That is one thing about really getting back to cleaning every room every week, I see all the things that need attention, organization, repairing, replacing and donated. Next week should be full of organizing now that I am seeing all the things that need help! And probably some of the deep cleaning I won't get to today, like cleaning all the windows in these seriously messy bedrooms.

Tomorrows Organizing Friday will be a repeat pretty much. I HAVE to grocery shop, I haven't been real shopping in 4 weeks! Our poor pantry is pretty empty, so I will share it tomorrow.  And next week is super busy for us so having it well stocked will really help with the whole balance thing

Hope everyone has a good Friday tomorrow!

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02 May 2012

Day 3

Life cannot just be about clean fluffy towels and sparkly tubs..
Mini muffin was determined not to do her tidying of her room today.. she is such a cute snuggly distraction!  We took a little break while the little one was snoozing to read and be silly a while.

I SHOULD have tried to convince her to let me manage that hair a little! Girl is obsessed with a braid lately, like Miss Ashley (one of her teachers)  She likes it messy.. yikes huh?

And I did get those bathrooms done! And a little organizing too!
I was kinda drooling over the sweet grey stuff at Target but the egg holder only held 6 so I let it stay on the shelf, until it went on clearance then I snagged it, didn't have any plans for it. But I love where it is now!

Perfect little jewelry catch all for my regulars!
And I got that HUGE spot on the mirror too :)

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01 May 2012

Back on Track Day 2

Using my regular cleaning schedule, but adding a little more in each day so I get caught up.
Today I did the living room and half bath. Tuesday is usually my easy day, but I moved furniture around again and cleaned the laundry room. I think I could have stuffed a small pillow with all the lint I found. But already I feel better and today was easier than yesterday, and hoping tomorrow is better than today until I am not behind at all!



Tomorrow is bathrooms..ugg
But I am ready to have them done so I can have some free time and get those bookshelves painted!

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Farm Chicks Show

SO SO excited to be going! I have wanted to go for years!
We only have a month to go and I feel like I have SO much to do to plan.
I don't know what to expect really, I just know we are gonna have a good time. There are a few of us girls going Aleisha{ Britches N Boots } Michelle {Chelletography} Jessica {Stitchen Daisies}.
And just like everything else, I have a list of course!
So much to plan!
What to wear, what to snack (5 hour drive), what to wear, what should we listen to and almost as important as what to wear is where are the Starbucks on our way!

So who all has been? Who is going? What are you hoping to find?

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