13 January 2012

Organizing Friday

I still haven't quite finished all those magazines from last week! But pretty close, just waiting for a binder to go on  sale! So I had a little time and thought I would tidy up our "office" cupboard. Got rid of some cords to who knows what, went through all the pens and stuff. It wasn't horrible before but it's so much better now!


Feeling much better about that, too bad the other side of the kitchen is a HUGE mess! The biggins are having separate birthday parties this year so I feel like I have 2x the amount of party stuff all over, and I feel really behind!

Goodness it is SO messy, but I hope to be able to get things put together a little more and stuff out of the way a little this weekend!

I feel like I am one thing away from a hoarders episode!


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