05 January 2012

Magazine Pages

Anyone else have a stack or container full like this?

Wish I could say this was all of them, but no, it's only about half! 
I am working on getting them organized, an ongoing project, see the folders in there?

I have been keeping this container in our pantry, and I need the room. So it's about time to actually GO THROUGH all of these, half are probably recipe ideas and the other half are party things and cute house ideas.  I need a folder for them so I can keep them better organized and more compact. So it doesn't take an hour to find that ONE little thing I know is in there!

It's bedroom cleaning day here and I got the little one to help me clean the biggins bedrooms for them as a nice treat today (and so there is nothing on the floor to distract them at nap time)  Hoping I can get this taken care of before the weekend! Starting a little early on my organizing Friday project!


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