01 January 2012

January 3rd, National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!

Yes, in case you didn't know January 3rd is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day!
What are you doing to celebrate? I had no idea this holiday existed, or honestly, WHY it does. But whatever, I am a big fan of everyday being a celebration, so I am hoping to share some more of these strange but fun National "Holidays" and some fun treats or crafts or both!

So the obvious would be to make some chocolate covered cherries with/for the kids! The image above has the details from here.

But there are also SO many other ways you could celebrate!
Easiest way? These
And I just found cherry MnM's yesterday at the grocery store!

These look amazing!

Chocolate covered cherry whoopie pies!!

And a coloring page, cause who doesn't love a free coloring page?!

And if your still wanting to celebrate after the kids are in bed..

Chocolate Covered Cherry Martini!
Find the recipe HERE!

And January 4th is National Spaghetti Day. I did some fun stuff for that last year.. check it out here


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