04 January 2011

National Spaghetti Day, and PB Pretzel truffles!

National Spaghetti day is January 4th (today).. I didn't know until about 10 minutes ago, but I can make spaghetti tonight!  
And although I don't have an amazing recipe (or any recipe) for spaghetti, I just guess and mix stuff together and taste and add more so I rarely use a recipe! But to make it a little more special I think I will make some Ravioli Truffles!  I saw THIS recipe on The Capital Baker and sounds yummy! Chocolate with Peanut Butter and Pretzels?!  Yes please!  But I want to make them go with the spaghetti a little more, so I am using my Ravioli Chocolate mold, which you can get HERE, but I got mine on ebay.
I am going to use white chocolate (only so they look a little more like ravioli) 
Hopefully I remember to take pictures before they are gone!

Happy Spaghetti Day!