20 January 2012

January 23rd is National PIE Day!

YUM! Not only are pies tasty but they are so charming and simple, considering most aren't too many ingredients. They are cute and always make me feel giggly. I think anything with a pie on it is special!
The American Pie Council had this on their site, I thought it was cute!
"Why is National Pie Day celebrated on Jan. 23 or 1/23? 
Because celebrating the wholesome goodness of pie is as easy as 1-2-3."   

And here is some suggestions they have for celebrating
Other ways to celebration National Pie Day:
  • Share the ultimate "comfort food" by giving the gift of pie to a local "hometown hero". Stop by your local police or fire department and let these local heros know that you appreciate all they do for your community.
  • If pie making is not in your schedule, stop by your favorite pie shop or grocery store and bring home a gift of love and joy for the whole family. The coldest of January days will be warmed by a special pie dessert.
  • Indulge your co-workers with a gift of pie.
  • Reach out to new neighbors that you might not have met yet - it says you're thoughtful. Stay awhile to get to know each other and fill them in about the neighborhood.
  • Say thank you with a pie. Has someone done a special favor for you? Acknowledge the favor with the gift of pie.
  • Spend time with you children and make a pie together. You'll make great memories and your children will be so proud to serve the pie for dessert.
All of those sound like great ideas! Here are some things we are thinking of doing.

I made a hair clippy for my little miss a couple years ago.
 Smoosh will for sure be wearing it that day!

seriously one of my faves! 

And pie is so easy! You could do a breakfast pie, lunch pie, dinner pie and snack and dessert pies if you reallllly wanted to celebrate the entire day!

For breakfast, I think we will do a variation of these
But instead of little pockets I think I will use the mini pie maker! These look amazing!
You could also do mini quiche, those count as pie right?!

I will probably try some version of chicken pot pie but in the mini pie maker, cause it is SO easy to use and the kids will eat anything that comes out of it! But these look really good too!

I will probably do Shepard's pie for dinner but if not these will be a good snack! 

And dessert options!



Or mini 

And really isn't a PIZZA a pie?! So maybe I won't do ALL of these and I'll take the easy route for one of them!

And don't forget pie pops!

cute counting project!

And this is SUPER cute, kinda overkill for JUST pie day but it is adorable!


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