02 June 2010

Felt Hair Clippies!

I LOVE them! Etsy.com has SO many adorable versions! We have a small, well tiny tiny collection of felt clippies, they can get pricey, especially when you can't decide between 2 or 3 of them.  A while back I finally decided to try to make one, I can barely sew, I am impatient with myself and too hard on myself so the other attempts I didn't take pictures of, but after a few attempts I was pretty happy with this one! It's a pie!  I was making it for Thanksgiving.. but forgot the outfit she had already had hair clippies, so instead I added a red rhinestone and it can be cherry pie instead right?  I found some small peices of real wool felt (not craft felt) at our local store, and free hand cut it, and attached it to a clip!  In my limited free time I am hoping to make a few more, just not sure what yet!


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