04 November 2010

Thanksgiving cuteness #'s 2-4

So after yesterday's post, a friend found a link for a pattern for a smaller boat, I am going to try that at naptime today.. if it works well and is easy and all that I will share!

And today's easy and cute Thanksgiving table goodies are
 This super simple candle with some dried corn.. think this was from Better Homes and Gardens. (I think)

And this also from Better Homes and Gardens.. pumpkin and some little folliage.. so easy but very adorable!!
This one is probably more for the kids table than the others.
 If you got 1438 rolls of smarties (or tootsie rolls) last weekend like we did... thinking I could cover them in yellow paper and then again halfway in green paper.. little corn's! Easy enough!
I wrapped them in yellow a couple layers, then another layer in green, just used glue dots to adhere them and tore a little peice of the green off.. easy easy!!

I am pretty sure my kids will LOVE these! It is SO easy and inexpensive too.


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