03 November 2010

Thanksgiving kids table cuteness #1

Thanksgiving is just over 3 weeks away! Seriously.. how does it happen so fast?! I don't think our plans have been set exactly but we usually spend it with my Hubby's side of the family, and I love that. There are just a few little kids including our 3 but I think it's important for there to be something that is just for them! Not sure if there will be a kids "table" exactly... but I am going to start listing ideas just in case there is!
Now I have a HUGE list of all kinds of cuteness... I am sure y'all don't want a 4 page long post so I will try and share a couple a day or so until I run out (right, cause all the other bloggers aren't posting MORE cute stuff everyday, pretty sure I will never run out!)

First is this from Pottery Barn! I LOVE it, not the price though! But it is extrememly cute so I wanted to share in case someone hadn't seen it! And if anyone has a tutorial for a knock off I would LOVE to see it!!

Boat Centerpiece
Image via Pottery Barn Kids

Ahh.. and the little boats! SO cute, they look like felt..maybe I will try to make a version of them.

Well I wrote most of this the other day, and didn't post this, since then I picked up some felt and have failed twice.. so hopefully someone have a DIY with hotglue and not sewing! 

Maybe 1 more tonight, if I get all my chores done before dinner!


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